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Governance and Committees

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Co-Moderators (serving two year staggered terms):
The moderators preside at all business meetings of the Church and the Church Council. The moderators also oversee the Strategic Planning Committee which is responsible for long term planning for the church council.

The Clerk keeps full and accurate records of all meetings of the Church and the Church Council.

The Treasurer oversees the financial affairs of the Church, makes reports on all receipts and disbursements, and the condition of all Church funds.

The Church Council:
Is chaired by the Moderators and consists of the chairpersons (elected by their committees) of the standing committees of the church. The Council meets on the first Wednesday of the month to confer the general work of the Church.

According to the trust agreement recorded in the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds on March 22, 1909, the property of the Union Church in Waban is held by three trustees. It is the responsibility of the trustees to see that the property is maintained but also that the church is maintained as a ‘union” church — an interdenominational church not solely part of any one denomination.

Standing Committees

Christian Education:
Develops and nurtures children’s and youths’ education and programming with the Director of Youth and Children’s ministries.

Support the spiritual work of the church; assist the Pastor; prepare the sanctuary for all services including communion and special services; and are aware of and lead member outreach including all issues of Care and Concern.

Human Resources:
Support issues relating to staff.

Internet Communications:
Assesses, refines and manages the church web site in order to attract new members to the congregation. Helps create useful online services for our community such as a member directory and recorded sermons.

Mission / Outreach:

Responsible for the promotion of a general interest in the mission and benevolence programs of the church. Seek out ways in which our Christian faith and Biblical heritage apply to concerns of our society locally, nationally, and intergenerationally, and develops programs for education, discussion and action for church participation. Includes outreach to Zambia, with bi-yearly service trips, and a local initiative outreach to the Russell School in Boston.

Works with the Music Director to develop and nurture the music program of the church.

Nicaraguan Outreach:
Shares in the experience of our past trip as well as nurtures our on-going relationship and mission work in Nicaragua.

Pastoral Relations:
Assists in fostering a healthy relationship between the Pastor and the congregation in order to enhance the effectiveness of the church’s mission

Helps preserve and protect our beautiful sanctuary, buildings, and grounds; prioritizes repairs; promotes “green” conservation decisions; and determines priorities for our outside areas.

Manages and invests the funds of the church; leads the solicitation of funds for the support of the church; and with the Treasurer prepares budget for submission to the annual meeting of the church.

Strategic Planning:
In conjunction with the Minister, Church Council, and staff, helps with annual and long-term goal setting and program planning. Sets strategic directions; oversees marketing, promotions, communications and membership development; addresses organizational improvements and the ongoing interests of a welcoming church community.

Teaching Parish:
Meets monthly with student intern to support and enhance his/her ministerial learning.


The following is the committee slate for 2013-2014.

Proposed Slate 2013-2014

ON Nominated: OFF
Co-Moderators 2) 6/12 Kent Wittler 6/14  
Moderator Emeritus    
Clerk 6/13 Sandra DaDalt /15
Auditor   OPEN  
Strategy Ad hoc (4)   Co-moderators as Chair  
    Tony DaDalt 6/14
  Karen O’Beirne 6/14
  Karen Weisgerber 6/14
6/13 Judy Nagle 6/15
(Prudential Comm. rep.)   Frank Laski 6/14
6/12 Nancy Zollers 6/14
6/13 Molly Owen-Kiritsy 6/15
Deacons (6)    
(3 year term) 6/06 *Jim MacDonald 6/14
6/06 Anne Hadley 6/14
6/08 Judy Nagle 6/14
6/12 Bev Hadley 6/15
6/09 Wanda Getchell 6/14
6/13 Karen Weisgerber 6/15
Prudential (4)    
  6/12 *Nancy Zollers 6/14  
Auxiliary: 6/07 *Robert Nagle 6/14  
Peter DeRogatis 6/08 Tom Humphrey 6/14
  6/09 Frank Laski 6/14
Tom Vawter 6/12 Jeff Hadley 6/14
Tony DaDalt 6/13 Dick Husher 6/15
Judy Nagle    
Stewardship and Finance (6)    
  6/07 *Grant Gund 6/14
6/08 *Jay O’Beirne 6/14
6/09 Larry Scott 6/14
6/10 Tony Abbiati 6/14
6/08 Karen Weisgerber 6/14
6/13 Sarah Drummond 6/15
  Treasurer, ex officio  


Christian Education (5)    
6/08 Susan Tuozzolo 6/14
6/11 Betty O’Beirne 6/14
6/12 Katheryn DeRogatis 6/14
  6/08 Cindy Spertner 6/14
  6/12 Sue Hadley 6/14
Mission Outreach (6)    
6/08 Annie Gatewood 6/14
6/10 Joanie Kelly 6/14
6/10 Alicia Collins 6/14
6/11 Dawn Scott 6/14
6/12 Mark Smith 6/14
6/13 Jane Purser 6/15
Music ( 5 )    
6/09 Diane Tillotson 6/14
6/09 Tony DaDalt 6/14
6/12 Carl Briggs 6/14
Music Director, ex-officio   Bill Merrill  
Reception coordinators    
  6/09 Judy Nagle 6/14
  6/11 Sandra DaDalt 6/14
Church Historian   Frank Laski  
Nominating Committee   Co-Moderators  
  6/07 Senior Deacon 6/14
  6/12 Member-at-Large:

Nancy Zollers

Human Resources    
  6/09 *Lara Gund 6/14
  6/13 Nancy Laste 6/15
  6/09 Tom Vawter 6/14
Internet Communications    
6/09 *Scott Laughlin 6/14
6/09 Jim MacDonald 6/14
6/09 Frank Laski 6/14
6/09 Alex Brown 6/14
6/11 Jaap van Reijendam 6/14
Teaching Parish Committee
6/11 *Frank Laski 6/14
6/11 Karen Weisgerber 6/14
6/11 Jaap van Reijendam 6/14
6/11 James MacDonald 6/14
6/11 Tom Vawter 6/14
Pastoral Relations
6/11 Alicia Collins 6/14
6/11 Jay O’Beirne 6/14
6/11 Annie Gatewood 6/14
6/11 Karen Weisgerber 6/14
6/12 Cindy Spertner 6/14
6/12 Larry Scott 6/14
6/13 Dan Drummond 6/15


Russell School    
  6/13 *Frank Laski
  6/13 *Mark Smith
    Nancy Zollers
    Brita Gill-Austern
    Liz Corona
    Nancy Laste
    Rob Purser
    Jaap van Reijendam
    Kathryn DeRogatis
    Tom Vawter
    Sue Hadley
    Tony DaDalt
    Kevin Johnson
    Wanda Getchell
    Kent Wittler
NICA Outreach Committee    
    Tom Vawter  
    David Spertner  
    Sue Hadley  
    Frank Laski  
    Diane Tillotson  
    Soo Laski  
    Nancy Zollers  
    Joanie Kelly  
    Jim MacDonald  
    Judy MacDonald  
  6/13 *Brita Gill-Austern  
    Annie Gatewood  
    Grant Gund  
    Wanda Getchell