Get Involved


The question is not “What committee can we sign you up for?” Instead, the question is “Where in our life together may you be feeling a call to get involved and how will that involvement help you to grow as a person of faith?
~~ Rev. Stacy Swain

stacy-at-Russell-School1-939x375There are many seasons and phases of life. We may be in a time that is completely consuming or we may find ourselves in a phase where we have time and energy to spare. Whatever phase you may happen to be in, know that you are welcome in this faith community. You are welcome not for what you do, but for who you are. You are welcome simply to come to worship and let the word, music and peace of the place wash over you. And you are welcome if you want to roll up your selves and dig in deeper through committee work or assuming a leadership role. Whatever season or phase of life you may be in, you are welcome to join our walk together. May your heart and soul find nourishment here.

For those who do feel a call to deepen their involvement there are many ways to do so.

Have other ideas? Terrific. Our Pastor, Stacy ([email protected]) would love to hear them!