San Juan Emergency Appeal

Update: October 24


As your individual donations pour into Union Church Hurricane Relief Fund, the life-saving work of cleaning contaminated wells in Nicaragua continues. Within days of the devastation and disaster that hurricane Nate caused, the pump we purchased has been transported to the hardest hit barrios and has reached approximately 20 wells as of this posting.

We have received dozens of photos and reports as the work continues.
See below for one photo that showcases the pump at work.

Well Cleaning.
The Austin Drill team,
 Yelmer and Jixson at work.
What an amazing process. They pumped out muddy water for about an hour and then without any warning one of the men tied a rope to his waist and leaped over the edge of the well. He stood at the bottom in water up to his chest digging out mud and debris for a long time, maybe 45 minutes. Finally the water ran clean.

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