2018 Capital Campaign


The Union Church in Waban Capital Campaign has launched!

One hundred years ago, our founders built a church that would be entrusted to the loving care of each generation to come. Today, The Union Church in Waban is a thriving faith community growing into the 21 st century. Its care is in our hands now, and we are called to repair, maintain, and improve our century-old church – while investing in the future of our child cherishing, mission and outreach minded, and inclusive church community. We are called to Thrive in Faith, Honor our Legacy, and Build our Future.

Many projects are integral to our Capital Campaign effort:  repairing our roof; improving our kitchen and bathrooms; re-visioning our classrooms; enhancing the organ, music program and sound system; greening our building; reducing our carbon footprint; and funding mission outreach, including a youth capstone project.

What a vision!  This is not only the vision of our founders, but also a picture of what it means to be a church in this place and time, and a church for the future.

This exciting campaign offers all of us a chance to manifest God’s love through action. The time is now, and the place is here.


Please join us in this joyous proclamation: Thrive! Honor! Build!



Why a Capital Campaign?

The founders of the The Union Church in Waban built a visionary church. Their gift to us is not only our beloved building, but also the vibrant thread of spiritual inclusion that extends from the past, through the present, and into the future.

As beneficiaries of our century-old church, we are called to repair, maintain and improve it. As beneficiaries of our founders’ vision, we are called to heal broken places in both our building and our lives, manifesting God’s love through action. Perhaps at no other time in our lives has it been more critical to live out our faith.

Repairing our roof and stairs is just the beginning. We will also invest in programming for our children and youth, improve facilities for hosting community events, enhance our worship space and music program, reduce our carbon footprint, and fuel our mission outreach. We will embrace and embolden our commitment to being child cherishing, mission and outreach minded, and inclusive of all.

We are a thriving, dynamic faith community. As we gather for worship, we honor our past and those who made this possible – and we build a future for those who will follow.

As a faith community, we enjoy inclusive worship, spirited programming for children and youth, and active mission outreach. A capital campaign offers us a unique opportunity to strengthen our engagement in all these areas.


Thrive in Faith

Our faith will thrive as we work to become a sanctuary of the 21st century. We are called to improve classrooms for our children and youth, enhance
our worship space, and update common areas for community mission. Our commitment requires:

  • Improving classrooms and youth gathering spaces
  • Updating basement kitchen and bathroom for community events
  • Enhancing media, sound system and internet throughout the building
  • Replacing or repairing organ

Estimated Costs: $200K

Honor our Legacy

Honoring our legacy means tending to our beautiful building, which is in need of critical repairs. Our commitment to being an open, accessible and inclusive church requires:

  • Repairing or replacing roof
  • Replacing front stairs
  • Maintaining elevator
  • Landscaping post construction

Estimated Costs: $320K

Build our Future

We build the future with our actions now. We care for God’s creation by protecting the Earth, investing in our children, and helping those in need. Our commitment to future generations requires:

  • Reducing energy costs and carbon footprint up to 50%
  • Expanding youth ministry to embrace high school students, including funding for a capstone youth service project
  • Funding ongoing mission engagements with our neighbors and the world

Estimated Costs: $130K

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Campaign Prayer

O Gracious God

We are so grateful for your abundant love Like those who have prayed in these pews before us, we thrive in faith – Faith in your almighty power, Faith in your unconditional love, Faith that you will hear our prayers.

Holy One

A century ago, You guided our founders, United in faith and God’s love, to build an inclusive church, welcoming all. Through the years they grew their faith, Fortified the Union Church covenant.  And generously contributed.  To take good care of Your House on Collins Road, Practicing the inclusive love of Jesus.  We are entrusted with the fruits of their labors and the gift of their covenant.  In this capital campaign, we honor our legacy.

O Gracious God

We pray now to reaffirm our covenant. We ask for your grace and blessing as we build our future In this church through a vibrant capital campaign.

Holy One

Light our way; spark our spirit of unity and generosity Help us enhance our church to be an enduring, energy-efficient structure.  Be with us always, open our hearts.  To be child-cherishing, mission and outreach- minded, and fully inclusive to all.


The Capital Campaign Committee

We are grateful to our volunteer committee members for helping us all Thrive in Faith, Honor our Legacy and Build our Future.


Kent Wittler, [email protected]

Karen Weisgerber, [email protected]

Advanced Gifts

Annie Gatewood and Susan Hunt Stevens

Family Gifts

Diane Tillotson and Jane Purser

Administrative Support

Anne Hadley and Joanie Kelly

Publicity and Brochure

Susan Gedrick and Cindy Spertner

Kickoff Dinner

Erika Pond, Jenny Weisz and Frank Slack

Recording, Acknowledgement and Follow Up

Karen O’Beirne and Beth Sears


Frank Laski and Sandra DaDalt


Judy Nagle and Tom Humphrey

Member at Large

Linda Lynch