The Penalty for Success:
A Daughters Moving Story of her Father’s Lynching

Saturday, March 8th, 6:00 p.m.

A Daughter’s Moving Story of her Father’s LynchingJosephine Bolling McCall’s father, Elmore Bolling, was lynched just outside Montgomery, Alabama in 1947 when McCall was 5 years old. “He had a store on Highway 80, he had a farm employing as many as 40 people, and he had a trucking business,” says McCall. White officials in Lowndes County, Alabama claimed Elmore Bolling insulted a white woman and that was why he was murdered. But McCall’s 10 years of research uncovered the truth– her father’s success as a black business owner in the harsh Jim Crow era made him a target. “My father was actually killed because he was too prosperous as a Negro,” she says.  To learn more go click through this link — Josephine Bolling McCall.

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