Prayground with Pastor Amy – Sunday, November 22nd – Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving this year, we are so grateful for each and every one of you!  We hope you will gather with this week’s scripture, wondering questions, activity and prayer this week, as you turn your hearts to gratitude.  

READ: Mark 4:1-9 (From Illustrated Ministry)

Jesus was beside the lake when he began to teach. So many people surrounded him that he climbed into a boat there on the lake. He sat in the boat while the crowd stayed on the shore. He spoke to them in parables. He said, “Listen to this! A farmer went out to scatter seed. Some seed fell on the path; and the birds came and ate it. Other seed fell on rocky ground where the soil was shallow. Those sprouted immediately. But when the sun came up, it scorched the plants; they dried up because they had no roots. Other seed fell among thorny plants. The thorny plants grew and choked the seeds, and they produced nothing, either. Other seed fell into good soil and bore fruit. As it grew, the seed produced a lot of fruit – each new place it grew, it produced more than the last!” Jesus said, “Are you listening? Pay attention! 


  • Why is it important that the sower planted in the good soil? 
  • How is the good soil better than the other soils? 
  • How can we be gardeners, maybe doing some weeding and pruning, in our home to make it an even more beautiful place for us all? 
  • How can you help create good soil at your school, home, other groups so everyone can flourish? 
  • How can we create good soil in our church, a place where we experience God and care for each other?
  •  What might God be planting in the soil of your life?
  •  What is God wanting to do in your heart and the world around you through your gifts and talents?


    • This Week is Thanksgiving!   Make and give someone a note to let someone know you are grateful for them!  There are little notecards and envelopes in your box.
    • Look at your Gratitude Chain – Add a few links to your chain and look at all the things you’ve been grateful for this month

PRAY:  For Thanksgiving, hold hands around the table or in a circle and share things you are grateful for.  Look at someone in your family and share a reason you are grateful for them.