Freedge in Newton

Advocates for Racial Justice

Newton Food Pantry is bringing the “Freedge” Movement to Newton.

“The number of Americans struggling to get enough to eat has grown dramatically during the pandemic. Food banks are struggling to keep up with a surging 60% increase in demand.”  To give people more opportunities to have access to food, the Newton Food Pantry is bringing the “Freedge” Movement to Newton. Beginning in March, they will be putting a fridge in the neighborhood that will be stocked with fresh produce for people to come by and grab as needed. To make this a reality, they will need volunteers to help monitor the fridge. UCW will be in charge of monitoring the fridge one day a week. To learn more about the “Freedge” movement, check out this article HERE

If you are interested in keeping up to date on this effort or being a volunteer please reach out to [email protected].