Sunday, May 30

10:00 a.m. Worship  (Online)

This Sunday, we come along side Nicodemus as he meets with Jesus under the cover of darkness to learn about this new life that Jesus speaks of (John 3:1-17) . We also listen in as the Prophet Isaiah hears a call on his heart to step out into service of God even as he wrestles with his own inadequacy to be of much service to God (Isaiah 6: 1-8). These are powerful texts of call. Powerful stories of how the Spirit moves in people’s lives. We will consider what the Spirit may have in store for us as we discernment how we are to emerge from this COVID-19 time of isolation, fear and loss.
It is fitting that we will also share in the blessing of a baptism and the reaffirmation of our call as a congregation to nurture each and everyone as a beloved child of God and member of the household where Love reigns.

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