Capital Campaign 2018

January 18, 2018


Dear Union Church Family and Friends,

When outside temperature hovered at 3 degrees during the recent arctic blast and forced us all to find a refuge indoors, I reflected on the historic resilience of the Union Church building. Many hands have sustained her over
more than 100 years. Now she is in our hands, requiring capital improvements to the roof and front stairs. This need inspired our congregation to consider what else is in our hands, what else we can do to heal the broken places in both our building and our lives, and what vision we have for impacting the future. Our first step in answering those questions was to hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study to test the waters to see if we were ready to do something big. Turns out we are! The results were overwhelmingly in favor of moving forward with a Capital Campaign to answer this call, with the ambitious and impactful goal of $650,000.

We are now in the early stages of launching our campaign. I am humbled to serve with Karen Weisgerber as
Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Capital Campaign, and overwhelmed by the energy and excitement that the committee members have already brought to bear.

The campaign theme, Thrive in Faith, Honor our Legacy, Build our Future, captures our faith foundation we are building from, the hard work of generations who brought us here, and our commitment to live into the future within and beyond our church walls. 

I wholeheartedly agreed to help lead this campaign because this community, this Union Church in Waban, has deepened my faith in ways I could never have imagined. From singing in the choir, mentoring confirmands, praying in the pews, going on retreat, communing with strangers at Thanksgiving dinner or engaging in a wide range of mission opportunities, (including unsuccessfully banging nails into cinder block that sent sharp pains down my arm and wounded my “I can be a construction worker” ego in Nicaragua while building a school). These and so many other examples reflect God’s presence in this community for which I am richly blessed.

This capital campaign provides me, and hopefully all of us, an opportunity to feel God’s transformative presence and participate in it. The campaign will focus on the building holistically, reflecting our deep commitment to our covenant and our values in the world community. We will green the interior spaces to reduce our carbon footprint, create and renovate vibrant spaces for our children’s and youth ministry, update sound and music for worship, invest in mission work and provide funds for a youth capstone project. Yes, we will fix the roof and stairs, and in doing so, open the doors to a more deeply lived experience of Christ’s love in action.

We will take our first step together as a congregation with a celebration of our vision, our goals, our work thus far and the start of a great capital effort. Save the date, Friday, March 2nd for the Capital Campaign Kick Off Dinner at the Wellesley College Club — an evening of fun, surprises, and Union Church community. A night not to be missed!  Keep your eyes out for your invitation and more information about the campaign and your participation.



Kent Wittler
Co-Chair Executive Committee
[email protected]