Compass Group (zoom)

On the path towards racial justice and living in a more just world, we often think we are in a different place then we actually are. We would all like to think we have it figured out; our blind spots become more apparent with the help of others. We will be looking at the way race and racism functions: in our lives and each other’s. This will help us to know where we are on the journey, and how to use this group as a compass to find the way towards a more just life and world. In this nonjudgmental approach we may find freedom to incorporate this discipline in our faith journeys together. Have you ever asked yourself these questions in response to the news headings we been seeing lately: What my response as a Christian to racism in these times? What is my calling in these divided times? What is my role in this? If these questions have ever been on your heart and soul or if you want to learn more join our group!  For more information please reach out to pastor Stacy at [email protected]


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