Take-out Switch-up

The Buy Black movement encourages people to buy from Black entrepreneurs in order to build wealth and success in Black communities—and it isn’t novel or new. But this summer, as Black Lives Matter gained more widespread support, so did the concept of buying Black. At the peak of anti-racism learning and unlearning efforts, many articles about Black-owned businesses were being shared. You may have already started to see a drop-off in those, but continued support is vital to keeping Black companies and their founders afloat—especially after many were flooded with demand earlier this summer and the COVID-19 pandemic continues. To help, we will be sharing a list of local black & minority owned restaurants and encourage you to give them a try and leave a review.  So those nights you can’t think about stepping foot into your kitchen, take the chance, try something new, and support local businesses. If you have any questions or ideas please reach out to [email protected] or any restaurant suggestions. 

A comprehensive list of restaurants, business, and services can be found here: Primary Black Owned Business Boston

Team-Lead: Chanel Lobdell ([email protected]).