Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Pledging to a church is a very personal matter, based on various factors. For those who ask for guidelines in their giving, the following information may be of help:

Proportional Giving

Proportional giving is advocated by our affiliated denomination, the United Church of Christ, and is the model of stewardship emphasized in the teaching of Christ. In this model, your pledge is determined by the proportion of your income that you feel you should “give back” in gratitude and praise for what has been given you. While biblical reference suggests a “tithe” (10% of earnings) as a reflection of a faith commitment, each member has his or her own faith commitment relative to the various commitments in one’s life. The important step is to consider what you would like to give and then consider how you will grow to give at that level. For example, if your current gift is 1% of your earnings and you would ultimately like to give 5%, you could plan to increase by 1% of your earnings over the coming 4 years.

Needs-based Pledge

A second method to use is a needs-based pledge, which uses the needs of the church to arrive at your pledge. The average pledge needed to balance the budget, based on the current number of people who give, is $3606. A needs-based approach helps the donor target what is needed to keep the church “afloat” and plan giving accordingly.

Systematic Increase.

Thirdly, one can create a systematic increase based on one’s current pledge. The current pledge is used as a reference and one commits to increase it by a certain proportion each year. This method combines the needs of the church with growth in stewardship.

Whatever method you choose, the goal is for each person/family to reflect on their giving potential and to make their gift reflective of their desires for personal stewardship and their ability to give.

Other Ways to Give