Why Give

Giving to The Union Church in Waban

The 2012 – 2013 Stewardship Campaign is entitled Called as Partners. Indeed we are called as partners in many ways — in service, in fellowship, in faith — and in being stewards of the beloved Union Church.

At the Union Church we inherit a rich legacy of those committed to inclusivity, a history of men and women devoted to service, a thriving community of seekers walking together. We carry all of this forward as we renew our own commitment to this church — its mission, its worship, and its community with our pledges.

Your support generously translates into an open door through which to enter, a building in which to gather, and a place where children can ask any question and be encouraged to envision many answers. Your gift creates the opportunity to give more — more to those in our neighborhood hoping for food, a warm coat, a Thanksgiving meal or a time of fellowship. We reach from Waban to Boston, Dorchester, Nicaragua and Zambia with books, meals, clothing, medicine, clean water and funds and more.

Stewardship is often reduced to numbers. People think of the numbers needed to “make the bottom line.” Yet, as partners in stewardship, we see there is no bottom line — the numbers are not those of addition or subtraction, but multiplication. 56 travelers to Nicaragua provide thousands of gallons of fresh water to families; 23 children work together to help a hundred homeless children receive clothes and toys, 4 folks create 8 worship services at the Waban Health Center affecting dozens of lives; one single stamp on a pastoral note carries hope and comfort that cannot be measured. We partner together in service and in stewardship to make this, and more, possible.

We invite you to consider making a pledge of financial support and to join in partnership in the continued growth of the mission and ministry of the Union Church.