Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of the Union Church in Waban is a fully welcoming community that sees all young people as beloved children of God who can live out God’s love in the world. In our ministry, young people are invited to:

  • Develop authentic relationships with other youth, caring adults, and God;
  • Embark on a spiritual journey grounded in the life, teachings, and community of Jesus;
  • Explore how their gifts and questions can contribute to the life of the church and the flourishing of all creation;
  • Participate in meaningful service and joyful mission as part of this community of faith. 

Youth Groups

Middle School Youth Group: Our Middle School Youth Group meets monthly to connect, have fun, support one another, serve our neighbors, and deepen our faith. Middle Schoolers are also invited to gather with Pastor Amy or another youth leader on Sunday mornings in worship to learn about the Bible and share questions of faith and their lives.

Exploring Our Faith (9th & 10th Graders): Every other year, high schoolers are invited to participate in our Exploring Our Faith program, where they connect with one another and mentors, discuss the stories and questions of our faith, and explore how faith may be relevant and lived out in their lives today. At the end of the year, some may choose confirmation or baptism. This program will take place in the academic year 2021-22, culminating in a mission trip in June 2022.

Older High School Youth Group: Our 11th and 12th graders gather at least monthly to connect, support one another, share stories, have fun, and explore questions of faith and life together. They are also fully invited into the leadership of the church, leading worship, serving on boards and committees, teaching Sunday School and more. They are also leaders of our Service and Learning Trips (below).

High School Youth Group Service and Learning Trips: High-schoolers (9-12th grade) participate in overnight and week-long service trips throughout the year. Our partners include: CityReach in Boston, the Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in NYC, and the Appalachia Service Project.

The Youth Ministry Team

Our Youth Ministry is supported by our Youth Ministry Team, made up of caring, responsible adult volunteers, who run events and build relationships with youth. We also depend on our Youth Ministry Spiritual Support Team, who pray for our youth and their concerns, and offer encouragement and support to our volunteers. The program is supervised by Rev. Amy Clark Feldman, Associate Pastor for Youth and Families, who can be reached at [email protected].