The City of Newton became the sister city to the small Nicaraguan fishing town of San Juan Del Sur in 1988. The Union Church in Waban spent years in the late 1990’s supporting Nicaragua with donations of supplies and prayers, but we knew we wanted to do more.

The Union Church in Waban completed its first service project in San Juan del Sur in 2002 and has never looked back. For more than 20 years, we have worked with local partners to provide clean water; equip schools with uniforms, books, and supplies; rebuild school facilities; and provide scholarships to aspiring college students. Most importantly, we have built deep and long-lasting bonds of love, trust, and hope with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, and local partners.

More than 100 members of the congregation have traveled to San Juan del Sur with our bi-annual intergenerational mission trips.

The Nicaragua Committee serves as the liaison between the community of San Juan del Sur and our church. It is tasked with educating the congregation about the ongoing needs and life of our Nicaraguan neighbors; planning and organizing the bi-annual trips to San Juan del Sur (during February school vacation week ); coordinating annual fundraisers including our Christmas greens sale; and nourishing and strengthening our friendship and partnerships in Nicaragua through regular communication and visits.

Covid Updates: Our next trip, which would have been in February 2022, has been delayed until it is safer to travel again. Instead, the Nicaragua Committee is working to connect with and support local partners in other ways.

Videos from Past Trips

Experience the many years of service trips through the eyes of our traveling members. 




Service Trip 2012

Dancing the Macarena

2010 Mission Trip