Mitten Tree

Every year we support our friends from the Project Care & Concern and Norwood Health communities. For many of the residents, these are the only Christmas presents they will receive.  A simple coffee mug, set of bed sheets, a warm robe or slippers will bring them such joy!  This is an opportunity for us to remind the residents that we are a part of their family in Christ.

We connect givers and recipients through the “Mitten Tree” where people pick a mitten that lists the gift and recipient. And then the wrapped up gifts get returned, with their mitten, to the church so they can be distributed to their recipient.

Because of COVID-19, we will be organizing the Mitten Tree a bit differently this year, but we will make this happen. So stay tuned for further details.

Team-Leads: Molly Owen-Kiritsy, Erika Pond