Nicaragua Trip Report




On February 23, our 15 member Nicaragua team returned home full of good news, great stories, and happy hearts. 

The service project at the Escuela Azul y Blanco (Blue and White School) was a great success.  The water pump was installed so that now the children and the community may have access to fresh water.  The school was refurbished with four large white boards.  It was painted completely both inside and out.  Fencing was installed around the 4-5 acre plot of land.  Fifteen citrus trees were planted near the well.  Other plantings were made close to the entrance and alongside one of the walls of the school.  Two tire swings were installed.  The school yard was cleaned up of all animal droppings and bags of broken glass.  All the students received with great enthusiasm and appreciation the composition notebooks (and name tags and asundry items with which to decorate and personalize their own books).

The teachers and students put on a two-plus hour presentation and celebration to honor our collective achievements.  David Spertner was presented on behalf of our whole group with a special and rarely bestowed Nicaraguan sash.  There was dancing and singing and ribbon cuttings and at the end a wild cascade of candy and other goodies from a large blue teddy bear of a piñata. 

Our team also sponsored and participated in an Ancianos Luncheon.  For our group, it was another tremendously powerful and rewarding experience.  The joy and excitement and good living in which we were all enveloped by these 150+ senior citizens that came out in their Sunday best to eat and dance and laugh and play was irresistible and deeply touching. 

The team wishes to thank everyone in the church who has worked so hard for us to be able to go.  They are very thankful for all your blessings and well wishes.  A brief presentation will be made on Sunday March 7, 2010 during the church service.  A longer and more in depth presentation will be scheduled for later in the Spring.