Local Capital Mission Initiative/Project Opportunity

Dear Friends,

           The Union Church in Waban, through a tremendously successful capital campaign has been given an opportunity to discern new ways that we are being called to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.  Through the attached form, we invite your group to share with us the mission/outreach activity you feel called to engage either locally, or in Nicaragua or Zambia.  It is the church’s hope that these funds will provide leaven in the congregation enabling new ideas to rise within us, stirring us to new endeavors.  Therefore these funds are not intended to supplant existing financial commitments the church has made to already established mission/outreach activities, but are intended for bold, new and ambitious, signature initiatives.  It is anticipated that your group’s request will be no less than several thousand dollars.    Let your hearts and minds be open to where God’s spirit may be leading you!

             A form is available in bin on the church office door and in the Crocker Chapel  to help you share with us your vision.  You will see that it is structured around the four primary values that the church has agreed ought to guide the allocation of these funds. Specifically, for the use of these funds, the Union Church in Waban values mission/outreach endeavors that:

  • Promote relationship based involvement and engagement of our UCW community;
  • Promote sustainability by contributing to long term financial viability and the empowerment of people with whom we are, or will be engaged in ways that enhance human dignity;
  • Promote global and local high impact work —  work that makes difference that can be measured; and
  • Promotes charity/justice  — the overcoming of inequities and divisions in our world by working for the fullness of humanity, community, and the health and wholeness of the planet.

            In addition, the church encourages you to consider how the endeavor you feel called to engage reaches out to particularly vulnerable people, people who have been pushed to the margins of life and who are more likely to be in need — such as children, the elderly, or those who are living in poverty .

             For local endeavors, please share your thoughts with the task force by October 15th.  For endeavors in Zambia or Nicaragua there is no deadline.  If you need any help in thinking through your response to the following questions do not hesitate to contact the church office at [email protected], or 617-521-6221.  May you be inspired!