A Little House Cleaning

This past week, two church mice snuck into the church office and spend an entire day cleaning. They worked tirelessly to put everything in order. They opened file cabinets and sorted through paper. They considered carefully all of the furniture that had accumulated over the years, sending that which was no longer needed and just taking up space to the Salvation army. They washed windows and wiped down every surface. The result of all their good labor resulted in a bright, welcoming, roomy office that is ready for the work that this new church year will bring and ready for the arrival of our new office manager (which we hope will be soon!).

All of that good sorting and cleaning and putting in order also got me thinking about the state of the house of my heart and spirit. I starting think about would it look like to spend time on a regular basis tending to the clutter and disarray that may have accumulated there? What would it look like to on a regular basis sweep out any resentments that are beginning to pile up, to wash disappointments away, and wipe weariness from the sills of our soul?

Maybe it would look like gathering in the deep silence of the Nativity Chapel on Wednesday mornings to pray together. Maybe it would look like making sandwiches and then gathering to worship with the un-housed congregation of Common Cathedral. Maybe it would look like joining in the pick up and singing out for the sheer joy of it. Maybe it would look like scrambled eggs and bacon and the good company of the Java Gents.

As we move into this year, I invite us to think about how we are going to best tend to the house of our hearts and spirits. What ways can the church help us maintain a bright, welcoming roomy space for all the good growth and spiritual formation that I pray will be ours this year? And if you find that you need some help getting things in order, well I know a couple of church mice who work wonders! Peace to you, Stacy