A Word from the Moderators — Alicia Collins

If your daily travels take you past 14 Collins Road, you undoubtedly have noticed a buzz of activity outside of our church. The wood framing around the windows is being replaced, the exterior is being painted, the flat roof is being fixed and soon, new parking spots will be added. Thank you to the dedicated members of the Prudential Committee for organizing and staying on top of all of that important work. When you run into Jeff Hadley, Tom Humphrey, Robert Nagle, and Nancy Zollers, please thank them for their tireless work. Despite all of the busyness on the outside our church, on the inside you will find sanctuary, not just the sanctuary where our service takes place, but rather peace, refuge, a haven. Sanctuary might come to you when Stacy’s sermon encourages you to forgive yourself, or when you see your kids sprint off excitedly to Sunday School or when you make a real connection with someone else at Reception. I leave church on Sunday, hopeful that I can maintain some of that sanctuary I experience in worship throughout the week. Sometimes it only lasts until dinner on Sunday night, and other times I even lose it during the Patriots game that afternoon. But I like to think I keep a little piece of sanctuary with me all week despite how busy I look or feel on the outside.