Annual Meeting, June 1st after worship

Annual Meeting: please plan to stay after worship on Sunday June 1st for our annual meeting. We will review this past year, vote on a proposed budget for next year, vote on a proposal to nominate not a slate of committee representatives as has been done in years past but instead to nominate a slate for council, discuss restructuring committees to a team model, and review any other business that comes before the meeting. Your participating is critical, so please plan on attending this meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, it may be helpful to provide some additional information regarding the proposal to nominate to council not to committees and to clarify what differentiates a team from a committee.


In order to make these changes we will be asking for the approval of a one-year suspension of portions of two articles of the By-laws, specifically:


o Article VI Section 1, (providing for the composition of Church Council to include “chairpersons of all standing committees”) and


o Article VII Sections 2-7, (Providing for the composition of standing committees and the committee nominating process).


In all other respects, the current By-laws remain intact. There will be no change in the powers and duties of the Church Council to exercise the corporate powers of the Church and to supervise, control and coordinate the activities of all church boards, committees and organizations. As before, all organizations formed and recognized by Council, (be they teams or committees), shall be regarded as integral parts of the Church and shall be subject to the oversight of the Pastor.


In terms of the composition of Church Council, currently Council is composed of the chairperson’s from the various committees. Historically the congregation has voted on the composition of each standing committee and then committee’s would elect a chairperson who would be their council representative. For the annual meeting, Council will bring a proposal that the congregation vote on the uncoupling of committee chairpersons from Council, and that the congregation vote directly on the composition of Council. Each Council representative would then be tasked to be a liaison with particular committees to ensure ongoing communication but would not be required to be a member of that committee.