4th Annual Seafood Festival

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Sunday, August 2nd marked the 4th Annual Seafood Festival on the historic fish pier of Boston’s waterfront. UCWer, Robert Nagle conceived of the event in collaboration with colleagues to draw awareness to an ancient way of life that is facing increasing strain today. Pastor Stacy had the privilege of sharing in a special service with colleagues across the faith traditions to recognize those who had lost their lives at sea, to offer gratitude to the oceans for their bounty; to remember our call to be faithful stewards of the oceans and to offer blessings upon all those whose livelihood depends upon the sea.

Below is a letter from Robert Nagle in celebration and thanksgiving for the event.

Dear Stacy Swain ,

The Board of Directors of the Boston Fisheries Foundation would like to thank you for your participation in the fourth annual Boston Seafood Festival. The day was perfect in many ways and the thousands of smiling faces of the children reflected the wonderful experience of all who attended and participated in this family event .

It was amazing to have such a positive participation of religious and spiritual leaders from seven different faith traditions joined together in a blessing which was so clearly inclusive of all who were present and beyond without limitation. It was an honor to be in the presence of your distinguished group and to have accepted along with many hundreds in the crowd the agreement to help heal and revive the human spirit of all we meet.
Many are reviewing pictures and are remembering this day of shared fun food and family warmly.
Requests for information of when is the next festival such as ” Can we come again next weekend ” are common .

The national and international broadcasting of the festival will demonstrate that many people of many cultures and faith traditions can and do harmonize well in Boston in such a large gathering and show the reality of unity as one people under God .

With Gratitude,

Robert Nagle
Director BFF