Moral Day of Action — Monday, September 12, 2016

Moral Day of Action – Monday, September 12, 2016

Welcome back from summer!  Maybe you have heard of the Moral Monday Movement in North Carolina?  Chapters of that movement are opening nationwide and it is coming to Massachusetts this month.

It is time to move beyond left and right, liberal and conservative, and uphold higher ground moral values!   No nation, state, community, town or city can survive without an agenda of moral and constitutional values that shows concern for the least of these.

  • The purpose of the Day of Action is for faith leaders from diverse traditions and people impacted by poverty, racism, and injustice to come together to demand that our elected leaders move to higher ground in their decision-making. The Day is rooted in the values of nonviolence, love and concern for humankind and in keeping with values and principles of traditional social justice movements.
  • Our event is part of a national event that will occur in more than 25 other state capitals across the country. The highlight will be the reading of the Higher Ground Moral Declaration that will be delivered to our governor and other elected officials.
  • This is not a political event. In other words, it is non-partisan.   There will be no discussion of political parties. Rather the framework is to lift up the moral and constitution rights of individuals and communities. The focus is on policy, not candidates or officials.” The tone of the event is to lift up what is right vs. wrong, and what is constitutional vs. extreme, not what is Republican vs. Democrat.
  • The work is about defending the most sacred moral principles of our faith and Constitutional values. Following moral traditions rooted in our faith and Constitution, we are called to stand up for justice and tell the truth.
To Do’s:
  • Pray
  • Attend the Day of Action. We gather at 10:30 am Sept. 12 on the Boston Common. Please wear clerical garb associated with your tradition. (Clergy can robe at City Mission, 14 Beacon St. #203 2nd floor)
  • Read more about this work here
  • Sign the Higher Ground Moral Declaration
We looking forward to seeing you on September 12, 2016. Forward together! Not one step back!