Sunday School, Palm Sunday April 5th

Sunday School at Home-All Ages

April 5th, 2020

Location: At home

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I’m so glad you are here, and are considering sharing a time of Sunday School at home. These times at home together are a special opportunity for us to deepen and share our faith in our families, and invite God’s peace, love and hope into our lives.  Together, we can all explore questions like, how we can find and make meaning in this time of challenge and uncertainty; where we see God moving and working in the midst of this pandemic; how to live with gratitude, grace and hope; and how our faith can guide us to love God and love our neighbors in this time.   

Today’s Story: Background

CONTEXT: Today is a shortened lesson following today’s intergenerational Worship Service and Walk Through Holy Week.  We encourage you to watch today’s worship service online if you weren’t there. Families did a great job telling the story of Holy Week (!   If you haven’t explored last week’s lesson, now would also be a great time to do so – it was all about Holy Week. You can access it here.

This Week – Maundy Thursday 

We want to share a special invitation to families for Maundy Thursday.  I’ll gather with the kids for storytime at 4:30pm on Thursday, and then we will come together at 6:15pm over Zoom to share an informal dinner together.  See for a link to the Zoom Room, where we will begin with a prayer, and then go into Zoom ‘break-out rooms’ to share dinner with 5-6 other families. Then, stay if you can for our worship service beginning at 7pm – or head out to put the kiddos to bed 🙂   

At-Home Plan – to adapt and use as is helpful!:  This follows the regular rhythm of Sunday School when we’re at church together.  Now we get to be church together at home!   

BREATHING AND QUIET – Centering down and listening for God Perhaps begin your time with quiet – focusing on your breathing or sitting in quiet and opening our ears to listen to the sounds around you.  If you have a chime or singing bowl you could use that. We listen for God in the stillness and quiet.  

CIRCLE: (Connecting, Listening and Praying together)  This is the time when we sit together and share what is on our hearts. You might ask one another and share:  What are you grateful for this week? Is there anything that is making you feel sad or worried?  Is there anything you are looking forward to or worried about in the coming week? Is there anyone we should pray for?  Practice praying together for the things that were shared.  Add a prayer for the people of our church…  

SING :  Jesus Loves Me 


Verse 1: Jesus loves me this I know; For the Bible tells me so; Little ones to him belong; They are weak, but he is strong; Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus Loves me, Yes Jesus Love me; The Bible tells me so

Verse 2: Jesus loves me, this I’ll sing; He turns winter into Spring ; Crocus breaking through the ground; Once was lost, but now is found ; Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus Loves me, Yes Jesus Love me; The Bible tells me so

Verse 3: Jesus loves me, I’ll sing on; Through the night into the dawn; Love so big so round so bright; Takes what’s wrong and makes it right; Yes Jesus loves me; Grace Wide as the Sea; Yes Jesus loves me; The Bible tells me so

STORY: Palm Sunday and  Holy Week  

  • Watch today’s Worship Service as UCW Families share the story of Holy Week!  
  • If you haven’t explored last week’s lesson, now would be a great time to do it – it was all about Holy Week.  You can access it here.


  • OPTION 1 – Make A Paper Palm Cross  See instructions HERE or watch this video— Making Palm Crosses is always a favorite activity of Palm Sunday at UCW!  
  • CLOSING:  If you want, end your time with a blessing.   Say something like: “May God Bless you and bless our family, especially during these days when we are at home. May you always know how loved you are, and may we all we all share God’s love with one another and our neighbors this week and always. Amen.”