A Word from Council

Dear Church,
In the midst of so much uncertainty, there are things that we can count on and things we know to be true. One is that God is and will continue to be with us. God will not leave us. God is with us in the midst of all we face.  
The second is that the Union Church is and will continue to be – us! We will not leave each other. We will be with each other in the midst of all we face.  
That is Good News. And that Good News means that we also have some good work to do as we prepare to close out this fiscal year and plan for the next. 
For all of the ministry areas of the church and for the congregation overall, Council is asking:
1. Reflect on what has been and plan for what is to come: Please gather with those in your ministry area to consider what has transpired this year. What has gone particularly well? What are you hoping to change? Please use this discussion as a basis for your written annual reports that are due to Pastor Stacy
by May 15. Office manager, Aidan Cunningham at [email protected] will be sending out reports from last year to use as a guide. 
2. Called to serve: Everyone in the congregation is invited to consider where they may be feeling called to serve. Are you feeling a call to join the Youth Ministry Team, the Deacons, Mission or Council or any other ministry area of the church? If so, please be in touch with Pastor Stacy, [email protected]
by April 21. Also ministry area leaders, please send the names of people you would like to invite to join you to Pastor Stacy as well so that the nominating committee may reach out on your behalf by April 21 as well.
3. Stewarding the year to come: By May 1, If you have a line item in the budget, please review your allocated amount and let stewardship/finance know as soon as you can and certainly by May 1st if you anticipate any radical changes. If stewardship/finances does not hear from you, we will carry over the amount budgeted from last year to this next fiscal year. To contact stewardship/finance please reach out to [email protected]