Relational meetings. Last Sunday (Nov. 12) nearly two dozen UCW members participated in the kickoff of our “relational meeting” campaign. Relational meetings are a GBIO practice that invites us to deepen our knowledge of each other, and strengthen our church community, through face-to-face, one-to-one conversations that get at our passions and root stories.

The campaign continues on Nov. 26 and Dec. 3, immediately after church in the vestry. You can sign up for one or both sessions here, or write your name on an index card and put it in the large envelope on the GBIO bulletin board in Crocker Chapel. Or you can just show up! All are welcome, including children and youth. See Kathleen Hobson (617-417-0537) or Mark Smith (617-967-4578) for more information.

Criminal justice reform. As GBIO members, we work with other Boston-area congregations toward important broad-based goals like criminal justice reform. On Monday, UCW members were part of a 200-person GBIO action at the State House in support of legislation that would make the MA criminal justice system more just by 1) repealing mandatory minimum drug sentences, 2) reducing solitary confinement, and 3) eliminating excessive fees and fines for low-income people. For coverage of the event, go here. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy ZollersFrank LaskiSoo Laski, or Brita Gill-Austern.

Out of Many, One. You’re cordially invited to a teach-in with the Boston Muslim community, on Thurs., Dec. 14, 7–9pm, at Temple Israel (477 Longwood Ave, Boston). You’ll hear personal stories about specific threats to Muslims locally, and participate in interfaith relational meetings with members of sister congregations. This event is open to everyone but you must RSVP: Please click here.