From Our Members

One of the things I really appreciate about the Union Church in Waban is that it is a community that lives its faith out into the world. Sure Sunday worship is really great but I love the way worship doesn’t just stop with Sunday but that worship extends out into how it is we live throughout the week.

I was not raised in the church, but always felt like I wanted to be a part of a faith community. The Union Church has been a great place for me because it welcomes people who are trying to work out what it is they believe and how that belief informs how we live. So I feel its a place I came come to with my questions and that’s OK.

I wanted my kids to have the experience I had growing up in a church where there were people of all ages who loved me as if I were their own. No, not as if I were their own but because I was their own. The Union Church says that it cherishes children and young people. It does, my kids feel it and that is an amazing gift.

These are the voices of a few of the people who have found their home at the Union Church in Waban. There are as many testimonies as there are people in the pews, but what they all share is a sense of belonging, of having found a place where they feel welcomed and where they can grow and thrive. If you are interested in becoming a part of this vibrant and inclusive faith community that cherishes it’s children and young people and is mission and outreach minded please reach out to our minister, Rev. Stacy Swain at 617-965-3895 or email at [email protected]