Church Matters – July 24

It may seem like the lazy days of summer, but things are buzzing at church! There are two exciting initiatives underway that we hope to be able to roll out when the program year begins in the fall.

Come Sing in the Choir. The first is within our music program. A goal of the worship team over the past couple of years has been to help to nurture a worship experience that is inclusive and engaging. Far from being a passive experience where people sit in the pews as “professionals” run the show, we seek to have our time on Sunday morning be something we all share in and create together. Singing in the choir provides an opportunity for us to grow spiritually as we share in fellowship with others in the choir and offer beautiful music to glorify God and as a loving gift to all who gather for worship. In that spirit we will no longer have paid soloist but instead will have one section leader whose responsibility will be to help engender congregational participation by providing support and encouragement to lay singers.

Sunday School Teachers: Spread the word!

The second exciting initiative underway this summer is the our Christian Education program. This coming fall, our Sunday School program will move to an exciting new model in which teams of volunteer teachers work in rotation to support each classroom. The Christian Education Committee hopes to have one paid lead teacher in each classroom who will ensure continuity and excellence throughout the year. The search for these paid lead teachers is currently underway. Spread the word! Whom do you know who would be great for this position? Those with a background in teaching, counseling, ministry, or work with children and youth are especially encouraged to apply. For the job description, visit Contact Karen Salides at [email protected] with questions or to recommend a candidate.