The Union Church in Waban hosted The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence on September 25.

Thanks to the inspiration and leadership of our music director, Bill Merrill, and the talent and hard work of so many, the Union Church in Waban hosted The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence on Sunday, September 25th.  This concert was part of a nation-wide event where musicians in over 350 venues across the country, (26 here in Massachusetts) created harmonies and beauty as act of resistance again the gun violence that has shattered so many lives and has shook us all.

Our own Bethany Worrell, James Cooke, Lisa Crockett, Jandi Dennis, Courtney Jackson and the UCW choir were joined by the incredibly talented soloists Michael Calmes.- tenor, Roselin Oser- mezzo soprano, and Phil Lima –baritone and together they lifted and inspired us with both solo and full choir, violin and piano pieces.

The evening began with a beautiful and heart felt reflection by Priscilla Kelso (please go here to read her words) and then unfolded in three movements as we remembered the victims of gun violence, prayed comfort on those who mourn and found hope for us all as we do what we can to end this epidemic of violence. Tom Vawter began the movement of comfort with “Maybe We Try Too Hard To Be Remembered” by Naomi Shihab Nye.  And the movement of hope with “The Peace of Wild Things”     by Wendell Berry

This event was the first mission outreach event of the year, organized for the entire community by Mission Outreach/PACSS* co-leaders Beth Sears and Nancy Zollers.

We are grateful for such a beautiful and deeply moving evening and trust, that by the grace of God, more light has entered the world and that the shadows of hate and violence have been pushed back.

(*PACSS – Planning, Action, Coordination, Strategy/Support)