We Want To Hear From You!


With summer vacations about to start, it may be hard to think about the fall – but among the great things to return to in September will be our feasibility study for a capital campaign. 

As most of you know, we will be needing to replace our roof, and while looking at how to fund that, we want to take the opportunity to explore our hopes and dreams for what else we might envision funding as our church grows into the next
5-10 years.  This is a great opportunity to look ahead for our growing children’s and youth program, our building needs, mission and music.

We hope to have a number of conversations and communication about this – with the interviews themselves happening Sept 29, 30, Oct 1st.  We want to get a representative sample of interviews across our church experience – so we are hoping many of you will participate.

The co-moderator’s team is facilitating the process, with the interviews themselves being done by Williams Consulting
– the team we used for our last very successful campaign.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any member of this team – Annie Gatewood, Karen Weisgerber,
Kent Wittler, Linda Lynch, Karen O’Beirne, Judy Nagle, and of course Stacy.