Mitten Tree 2017!

Once again, we are supporting our friends from the Project Care & Concern and Waban Health communities. For many of the residents, these are the only Christmas presents they will receive.  A simple coffee mug, set of bed sheets, a warm robe or slippers will bring them such joy!  This is an opportunity for us to remind the residents that we are a part of their family in Christ.
Thank you for responding so generously this past Sunday.  There are still a few mittens available o n our tree, so plan to make your decision by this Sunday, 12/10/17. 
Please be sure to let us know the mitten you have chosen by noting the needed information on the form that is by the tree in the Crocker Chapel; or, you may email Beth Sears  ([email protected]) with the mitten color, name of recipient, apartment number or residence name.
Our thanks to Molly Owen-Kiritsy and our youth for coordinating the Waban Health gifts (red mittens) and Vinita Leslie for coordinating the Project Care & Concern gifts (green mittens).
Wrapped gifts with their mitten tags need to be returned by December 17, 2017, so that we may make deliveries in time for Christmas!
As always, we appreciate your generosity!