A Letter from Ingrid Pérez 

San Juan del sur, Rivas, Nicaragua                                                                                           
November 13, 2017

The Jean A. Brugger Foundation has been a longtime church partner with our work in Nicaragua. Many of our travelers have participated in Ancianos events  hosted by the Brugger Foundation. In addition to their work with the seniors of San Juan del Sur, they have created a scholarship program to help support young Nicaraguans attend university. For several years, the Nicaragua Team has sponsored  students who for various reasons no longer have the funds to continue their schooling. This past fall, the Nicaragua Team decided to Sponsor Ingrid Perez. She is in her last year of schooling with hopes for a degree in Hotel Managment. Below is her most recent letter. 

Dear David and Members of Unión Church of Waban

A cordial greeting from me and my family, I hope you are all in good health.

We are only a few days away from the last month of the year, we are about to end a year in which many good things happened to me, from having had the opportunity to acquire this scholarship, how to get a place in the Hotel where I was doing my university internships.

This year also culminates the curriculum of my career, which once completed, will begin the preparation to be able to defend a project that will develop and apply the knowledge acquired in this time of study andachieve the university degree.

Through these years, I feel that I have managed to be even more mature, more confident, about each of the decisions, and something that will always be a total pride for me this year, is the creation of a project that has allowed us to develop Each of our knowledge and skills, such as Dulces de mi Tierra, we were able to present ourselves at our campus, then at the university’s headquarters, as well as at the fair, at a convention center in Managua where we got to know many ideas entrepreneurs and we hope that this same project will be approved as a Business Plan.

In addition to this, after completing the practical hours of the university, I was offered a place in the place where I was allowed to do it, I could continue with them at the same time I was attending, in order not to affect my classes, to which I accepted , since it is undoubtedly a good opportunity at this point in my future career; have been considered in terms of permits, since sometimes I must stay at the university finishing some task and understand me in that aspect, the place I covered is as an accountant, but this past week, the buyer responsable had a vacation and I have to cover it for that time, and I think that the fact that I had the confidence to cover it right then, was a good thing for me.

None of this would have been possible without God, who put in my way the support of the foundation, because it was already difficult to continue with the classes, and this was what allowed me to continue, without the fundamental pillars such as my Mom (Patricia ).

She is a fighter woman, who is always giving me her support, her company in the many sleepless nights I had, she is the person who has always advised me, to go out with an umbrella on days that seem sunny and to ignore her completely wet, It is that woman that what she says happens, because she always values every part, from any perspective, it is my strength and my life totally, the one that always tells me that everything happens because God so disposes it, it is my greatest treasure and blessing.

My Dad (Carlos), the most foolish and loving man that exists, is the one who wakes me up every morning, and he is waiting for me giving me his support all the time.

He is the one who makes me laugh even in the moments when I do not want to do it, as long as I look good, he always tells me how proud he is for every achievement I get even when I’m little.

My sister (Karla) the darling of the house, who is always present when I need support, is 16 years old, and is in her fifth year of high school, in a dilemma for the careers that she likes, which I know she will be able to choose well .

My friends, who despite the time are still part of my life, filling with happiness all aspects of my life, with their unconditional support and their company, with each madness we did and each dream that each one pursues, being motivation to reach they.

Something that recently affected the port of San Juan del Sur, was the storm Nate, left many poor families affected, without food, clothes, homeless, where the united population was responsible for carrying the basics to move forward, however, certain things were necessary; hand in hand with the Jean Brugger Foundation, we managed to reach them, the children, who even when they lost essentials, could not leave aside their school year, and knowing this, packs were formed with notebooks, eraser, pencils that would serve them to continue with their classes.

It was very beautiful to be part of that and above all to contribute in some way to continue with its development.

Thank you again for the opportunity provided, I say goodbye, wishing you a happy Christmas and that this new year 2018 comes full of many successes and blessings.


Ingrid Pérez