A Note from Marvin Collado,
San Juan del Sur, February 2019

To Union Church in Waban,

Receive my warm greetings from me and my parents; hoping
that everything is very well with you all. 

I am very happy after realizing the sponsorship that the Church have taken to support me in my studies that I wish to realize, thanks very infinite since in the past year I could not study because the economic situation. 

I am with the whole enthusiasm of study since my perspective of study is nursing. Thanks for letting me to do and I hope to complete this dream in my life. 

My parents were so happy when they received the news about this scholarship, they say thanks to you and the Church members. 

I live in Ostional, a community far from the city of San Juan del Sur. So I have to travel a time with the stipulated hours starting March. 

I hope to maintain a good communication with you, and I will be informing you about my progress in my studies. 
Thank you very much:
Marvin Collado

New Students at the  A. Jean Brugger Education Project. 
Marvin Collado is holding the the green  folder!

The Union Church has had a partnership with the  Brugger Foundation for more than a decade. This foundation gives life changing opportunities to dedicated and deserving high school students to attend college. They provide support and encouragement to the students and also require them to give back to the community in some way with a community service project. The Church has supported numerous students over the years and several have graduated. Both current and former students have joined our Church group while we are down in Nicaragua doing community projects. Our newest student, Marvin, has just begun his college journey with a dream of becoming a nurse.