common art Exhibition:

Sunday, February 2th

Valentine’s Day will be upon us before you know it! Come find a gift for thatspecial someone after church service on Sunday, Feb. 2nd, when we will host artists from common art. common art is a program of common cathedral which provides space, materials and caring support staff to support unhoused and low-income individuals as they develop their artistic abilities. People who live in shelters, rooming houses, on unclaimed couches and benches, and on Boston’s streets, gather every Wednesday at Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street to draw, paint, sculpt, make crafts, and to share with other artists in like circumstances. For many common art members, art is a way of life. For others, it’s a new discovery. But for all, art is passion, expressing and affirming life itself, a defiant or gentle “yes” in the face of stigma amid the constant struggle of poverty and homelessness.

Visit the common art website here.