The Penalty for Success:
A Daughters Moving Story of her Father’s Lynching

Sunday, March 8th, 6:00 p.m.

A Daughter’s Moving Story of her Father’s Lynching.  Josephine Bolling McCall’s father, Elmore Bolling, was lynched just outside Montgomery, Alabama in 1947 when McCall was 5 years old. “He had a store on Highway 80, he had a farm employing as many as 40 people, and he had a trucking business,” says McCall. White officials in Lowndes County, Alabama claimed Elmore Bolling insulted a white woman and that was why he was murdered. But McCall’s 10 years of research uncovered the truth– her father’s success as a black business owner in the harsh Jim Crow era made him a target. “My father was actually killed because he was too prosperous as a Negro,” she says.  To learn more go click through this link — Josephine Bolling McCall.


This evening potluck and conversation will be held at the home of Jenny and John Weisz, 96 Dexter Rd, Newton.  If you are interested in participating in the evening, please RSVP HERE or email Pastor Stacy.