The Union Church Stewardship Campaign

Let Our Light Shine

Dear Family and Friends of the Union Church,

When our church leaders selected the theme of Light to guide us this year, little could they have known just how important this theme would become. We started in the fall singing This Little Light of Mine, reminding ourselves and others to never hide our light under a bushel. We moved into Advent and the season of light with the hopes borne of Christ’s birth and the light brought by it from heaven to earth.   We pledged to carry this light in the form of God’s love for the earth and Christ’s love for humanity.

Then a darkness descended upon us.   We, like the disciples of Eastertide, became separated. We have felt fear, concern for the future, wariness of the journey and uncertainty of our path.

Yet, amidst this all, the Church has stood strong. Where separation threatened to divide us, the dedication of our ministerial staff created ways to unite. Where fear may have sowed anxiety, prayer and comfort has soothed us. Where loneliness may have engulfed us, our community was there for us, holding the portal door open for any and all who wish to enter.

The typical stewardship campaign has at its core the imperative Christ placed before us to give as a spiritual practice. It also has the very practical imperative to give to keep the lights on.

This season of Stewardship, we are not called to simply keep the lights on. Perhaps like no time before, our church is a beacon of hope, source of comfort, font of inspiration and ambassador of God’s love. We are called to let this light shine.

For the health and safety of our staff, the stewardship campaign this year will be conducted electronically.   You will receive your stewardship invitation and pledge card via your personal email. We ask at this time that you prayerfully consider a pledge to the church and how you might respond to this call.

With Blessing,

The Union Church Stewardship Committee