Continuing the”Space-Making” Conversation

Continuing the “Space-Making” Conversation

A group of 15 members of the UCW community met after worship on April 11th for a discussion of Yale Divinity School’s seminar on space making by Rev. Phiwa Langeni. The seminar offered practical tips on language, pronouns and other queer-related issues and how we can create space for LGBTQ youth. A recording of the original seminar is available below.
Interest in the topic was such that we have decided to reconvene and continue the conversation after worship on Sunday, May 23rd. Any and all who are interested in joining are welcome as we continue developing our understanding of gender identity, gender expression, and the aspirations of our church covenant.

Much of our time on April 11th was spent in general conversation about why each of us is interested in this topic: there was a lot to share, including stories of family members who are gay or non-binary. We also shared our appreciation for all the work this congregation has done over the years to be the caring and welcoming church that we are. The theme of developing a better understanding of what it means to welcome all to take a seat at the table emerged as an affirmation of the intent of our church covenant.
For more information or if you have questions please contact Alison McCartyJane PurserAmy FeldmanBrita Gill-Austern or Tanya Lazar.