Worship (Online & In-person)
Sunday, November 7


10:00 a.m. Online & In-Person
Pastor Wendy will preached and  we will shared in Communion.

For the next few Sundays we will dig into words from the letter to Romans. The apostle Paul wrote these words to a church he had not yet met, but who were facing the common circumstances of emergent and new communities gathering in the name of Jesus. Like those who heard these words long ago, we will ponder, what does it mean to “hold fast to what is good?”
For Communion, we ask those worshiping on Zoom to prepare bread/crackers/tortillas and juice/water- whatever you have on hand. We know God can work with anything we have to offer! For those in person, we ask that you be extra mindful of providing seating space between people/family groups so that we can participate as safely as possible. See you in worship in-person and online.
View a recording of the service below:  
The bulletin is available HERE