Church Matters

Council Report from Oct. 5th Meeting Update

The Union Church Council kicked off the fall season on October 5th by first sharing life-giving moments from our church life. Wanting to be grounded in the ways we experience the spirit moving in our ministry we then discussed/decided the following:

  • We thanked Pastor Matt Carriker for the sabbatical pastorate he provided Union Church for six weeks covering for Pastor Amy.
  • We heard an update on the Transition/Search process. We reminded ourselves about the steps of the potential internal candidate process. The next step of that process will be a discernment of Pastor Amy about whether or not to apply – a decision between her, her family and God.
  • We completed the Council’s contributions to the search process creating a Scope of Work and compensation package for the Local Church Profile document.
  • We approved additional money for our partnership with Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) to comply with our covenant of support of 1% of budgeted church income.
  • We discussed pressures on our financial situation.

As always, we appreciate the prayers and support of the congregation as we enact ministry on all our behalf.