Sunday, December 4 Worship (Hybrid)

Advent 2  
December 4th at 10:00 a.m. (In Person & Online)

We will examine a refrain heard all throughout the Christmas story- do not be afraid- and remember it is the most common phrase in all the bible. From generation to generation, God shows up in the midst of our fear and uncertainty and confusion. From generation to generation, faithful people have said, “yes,” despite apprehension. From generation to generation, our ancestors in faith have accepted the invitation. We will share in communion as we ponder this phrase together.

We will also welcome staff from Project Care and Concern to hear about their ministry which we support through the Mitten Tree.

Following worship, all ages are invited to cocoa and cookies, as we make Advent wreaths and shining stick Stars to bring the light of Advent back to our homes

The bulletin is available HERE (on Thursday)

Theme for Advent: “From Generation to Generation”

This year, our theme for Advent is “From Generation to Generation,” as we share the story of Christmas through the generations and remember that God is always with us. As part of our theme Generation to Generation – we will examine what God is calling us to pass along to new generations.