Hola from Nicaragua

Our physical journey has begun here on the pacific coast of Nicaragua in the fishing village of San Juan Del Sur and we have been carrying all of you in our hearts as we serve as ambassadors of the Union Church.

The work so far feels truly meaningful and impactful. We have begun painting the La Escuela Maria Auxaladora and assisting in the building of a sustainable drip irrigation garden adjacent to the hospital in San Juan Del Sur. This will help them plant a vegetable and herb garden to serve the population. The painting of the school alongside the children not only beautifies the school but also creates a sense of pride among the students and teachers. The students and teachers have been alongside us and we have shared many smiles and laughs. Additionally, we are providing electricity for a pump to supply water to the school which is a vital and practical contribution. Access to clean water is a basic human need and is non existent at the school. We are hoping to get the water running before we head back to the US.

In addition to this physical work, we have been building connections with the community and reconnecting with old friends. As we look to the end of the week, we still have more to do with what feels like so little time (hosting a mobile library event, traveling on the mobile library, sharing a meal and conversation with our past and present scholarship students). We hope our impact is creating a sense of shared purpose and joy.

For the Team,
David Spertner