Welcome Rev. Berkowitz as Our Senior Pastor

Celebrating Pastor Megan’s Arrival at UCW!

We are delighted to officially welcome Rev. Megan Berkowitz as our new Senior Pastor!  We are thrilled she is here and know she is looking forward to getting to the church and wider communities.  There are many ways to connect: 

  1. Send her a welcome note!  Her email is {[email protected]} and we know she’d love to hear from you. Share what you love about UCW or what you are excited about for the coming year. Share a favorite picture. Just say a quick hello and welcome!  
  2. SIGN UP (Click here) for a coffee with Pastor Megan. Pastor Megan has set aside a number of slots between now and September 10<sup>th</sup> to have coffee with anyone who would like one-on-one time to get to know her. She’ll continue this into the fall so if the slots get filled or you can’t find a time that works – we will add more soon!
  3. Come to worship (online or in-person) beginning this Sunday, August 20<sup>th</sup> at 10.00 a.m. and meet her in person! She won’t be preaching until September 10th, but she will be attending and it’s a great way to connect with her and others in a smaller worship setting. 

    As we hit this important milestone, we share a huge note of gratitude to the Transition Committee and the Search Committee for all the important work they did to get us to this exciting day. 

If you would like to learn more about our new senior pastor, you can find it on our website: HERE.

Rev. Megan Berkowitz