Sunday, July 31st – Rev. Jim’s Final Sunday (In-person and on Zoom)

Our Sunday Summer Services will begin at 10:00 a.m. on the Stage (and Zoom)
Our summer services provide an informal time to connect, reflect on scripture and pray together. 

Rev. Jim Leavitt’s Final Sunday with UCW

Join us on Sunday, July 31 as we share our final worship service at UCW with Rev. Jim. Please come to celebrate and share our gratitude for his ministry among us with a special time of prayer and fellowship. Rev. Jim’s last day at UCW is August 10thPaul’s Letter to American Christians. 

Sunday July 31st is also the final Sunday in our series examining the sermon of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. titled, “Paul’s Letter to American Christians” and some of the scripture references he uses in it.  In August we will begin scripting our own letter to the church, inspired by Paul and Dr. King’s examples.  

A link to Dr. King’s full sermon can be found HERE.  
You can also listen to a recording of Dr. King  delivering the sermon HERE.
A preview of the July Service Bulletin is available HERE

Joining on Zoom

Zoom Link: HERE
Meeting ID: 826 8730 1128
Passcode: 386028
Dial in only: 1 646 558 8656

Service Leaders In July

July 9thRev. Jim Leavitt
July 16thAlan Cody
July 23rdRev. Amy Clark Feldman
July 30thRev. Jim Leavitt