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Rev. Megan

Rev. Amy
Clark Feldman

Pastor Megan
January 25, 2024

“Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up..”

 1 Corinthians 8:1b 

This verse comes from a section of scripture in which Paul is arbitrating a discussion among the faithful in Corinth about how to interact with the culture around them. They want a clear edict from him, want him to come down on their side (one side or the other), and instead Paul offers this bit of wisdom. Being right is one thing, he seems to be saying, but being loving is another entirely.

I think this is another piece in the puzzle of getting to the heart of things in our faith. We could make a lot of noise about scriptural interpretation, theological doctrine, denominational polity, and lots else – all important, but maybe not the heart of things.

There are a lot of right and wrong answers, depending on whose side you ask (on one side or the other!). I learned in school about “norming norms,” or the standard by which we judge all other standards, and Paul is offering one here.

Are we building one another up in love? This question, beloved, will help us to get to the heart of things.


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