Java Gents

Next Meeting

Friday, March 22 at 7:00 a.m. (In-Person)


We will meet at Church in or just outside the big kitchen for a combination of hot and cold breakfast as well as coffee and juice.  Come by for part or all but we try to end right on time as many of us will be off to work right after.

JAVA Gents is the informal get-together of the men of the UCW congregation (and community). The group aims to provide friendly fellowship and mutual support to the men. Besides breakfast and coffee, We will enjoy a lively and supportive discussion of timely topics as well as personal goings on in our lives. Newcomers are always welcome.  Please contact either Buz ([email protected]) or Dan Heffernan ( [email protected] ) if any questions, or to be added to the Java Gents mailing list.”

Hope you all can attend.
Jay and Dan!