Marvin Ernesto Collado Vargas, May 2024

May 2024

Dear Members of Union Church in Waban,

I hope this message finds you well. I am pleased to inform you that I am in good health and in good spirits at this time.

I’ve been working to get ahead, now I work at Remanso Beach and in my free time I usually take surf classes right there, it’s good because it helps distract the mind a little. I am writing to you with great enthusiasm to inform you that I have started the university thesis/degree-defense course, on which I have been working hard. This important academic project represents a significant milestone in my educational and professional training.

We started this course on April 21 and it will end on August 11; we will have the defense in September. We were informed that on December 6 will be the graduation, if God allows it. It feels good to know that I am near to completing my studies; this path has been long but full of experience and the knowledge I have acquired over these years. I will always be very grateful that you have supported me to be able to achieve it. I hope to share with you the progress and achievements made on this path towards obtaining my university degree. Your continued support means a lot to me and fuels my determination to successfully complete this educational stage.

I want to take this opportunity to send you greetings and blessings from my family.

Thank God, everyone is well and enjoying good health. My nephew, son of Alejandra

Collado, your former scholarship recipient, is so grown up now. She sends you greetings. We sincerely appreciate the continued support, spiritual companionship and solidarity you provide us. Your presence in our lives has been an invaluable gift and we are grateful for it.

I want to express my gratitude for having the unconditional support of such a welcoming and supportive community.

Again, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the members of the Union Church in Waban who contributed in any way to my academic success. I look forward to remaining a part of this community and continuing to work together to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others.


Marvin Ernesto Collado Vargas