From Our Pastors – September 15

Rev. Megan Berkowitz

Rev. Amy Clark Feldman

Pastor Amy – September 15, 2023

Suppose there was a book full of only the word,
let – from whose clipped sound all things begin: fir
and firmament, feather, the first whale – and suppose

we could scroll through its pages every day
to find and pronounce a Let meant only for us –
we would stumble through the streets with open books,
eyes crossed from too much reading; we would speak

in auto-rhyme, the world would echo itself – and still
we’d continue in rounds, saying let and let and let

until even silent dreams had been allowed.

The Book of Genesis
(by Kai Miller; shared by UCW member Tom Vawter)

Today we wish our Jewish siblings L’Shana Tova, a sweet and good New Year, holding them in prayer and love as they enter this season of High Holy Days.

At UCW, while our celebrations and understandings of this season are different, we too are in a time of new beginnings; beginning a new church year, with our new pastor. In worship, we’ve started at the beginning, in Genesis, and at a recent worship team meeting, UCW member Tom Vawter shared the poem above. In the beginning… God looked over all that was (and wasn’t), and then, with awesome creativity and love, brought everything Tov (Good) into existence with the words “Let there be…” Miller’s poem invites us to look at all that is (and isn’t) in our lives, and to ask what God, with creativity and love, may be speaking into existence in us. What is God desiring to “Let there be…” in your life and in the life of our church today?

This Sunday we celebrate our Blessing of the Backpacks, a symbolic blessing of our journey into this new year. Please come, and be blessed! We also celebrate our Mission and Children, Youth, and Families Fair, and invite you to come, have fun, and imagine the new ways God may be calling you to find joy, meaning, and connection this season.

Our God is a God of new beginnings and new life. Beloved, God’s creative and joyful Spirit is moving and busy at work in this new season at UCW. Come and be part of it — It is so very Good!

With blessings and peace,
Pastor Amy

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